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How To Create Voucher

Why use vouchers? Improves your ability to customize and target offers.

How do retail vouchers and gift cards benefit businesses & consumers?

  • Promote sale - The purpose of using vouchers or gift cards is to promote sales. Retailers understand that consumers love saving money. As a result, they use vouchers to drive sales. The voucher management or gift card system in this case is selected to come up with a product that will attract more consumers to consider a specific business and do business with it.

  • Build customer loyalty - Vouchers are also used to build customer loyalty. Once a customer is awarded with the retail voucher, he feels appreciated. This will in turn encourage him or her to be a more loyal customer. Similarly, a loyal customer of your brand may want to give something from your brand to someone. A gift card acts as a good product to increase “word of mouth” branding and sales.

  • Draw attention to a specific product - Vouchers can be tailored to draw consumers’ attention to a specific product. This works well when trying to increase the sale of a specific product or when introducing a new product.

  • Draw attention to a specific outlet - When a new outlet has been introduced, retail vouchers or gift cards can be used to attract shoppers to shop in it. You can make them redeemable only in that outlet.

In this case, we will be using Free Shipping as this voucher example

Step 1 :

Add new voucher

Shopzpin Merchant > CRM/Marketing > Voucher, then click Create Voucher.

Step 2 :

Fill in Name and Description of the Voucher

Step 3 :

Choose the template and condition for this voucher.

Type of condition :

  1. Buy One Free One
  2. Purchase with Purchase
  3. Free one item, with minimum purchase of RM30
  4. Accumulated 3 products (within date range), FREE 1 specific product
  5. Min Spend RM59, RM6 off
  6. 10% Discount for specific item
  7. 10% Off Total Bill (No minimum purchase)
  8. Get 10% off total bill, with minimum purchase of RM100
  9. Get 40% off for specific product category
  10. 25% Discount of total bill (Limited to 100 customers)
  11. Free Shipping
  12. Min spend RM100, free delivery

Following our example, here we have chosen Template > Free Shipping with the condition only eligible for customers using the Touch n Go as Payment Method.

Step 4 :

Choose the Action of your choice for the Voucher.


Applies To :

  • SubTotal - This is the total price for each product in your order or the total price found for a selected delivery window in your order. If you also have a discount applied to a product, then you will find the updated discount price total for that particular item or delivery window in your order.
  • Delivery Fee - the cost of transporting or delivering goods
  • Specific Products - A specific dosage strength of a Product.

Discount Type :

  • Fixed Amount – A fixed number of discount value
  • Percentage – Percentage off from total amount.

Discount Amount (%) :

  • Percentage of discount

Max Discount Amount (RM) :

  • Maximum discount in RM capping off the percentage discount.

With our example, we have set the voucher to apply the Action > Delivery Fee > Percentage Discount Type > 10% Discount > Max Discount Amount Capping at RM 6. See Figure 1 for better understanding.

Step 5 :

In this step, you will set up which group of your customers are able to enjoy this voucher. As said earlier, vouchers bring numerous benefits to your business.

  • Customer Eligibility - Limited :
    • Maximum number of customers are able to enjoy this voucher.
  • Customer Eligibility – Customer Group
    • Only specific customers in the selected customer group are entitled to enjoy the voucher.
    • In this function, you can Create a Customer Group or View Eligible Customer with the button provided. (Read: How to create customer grouping)

Setting a usage limit on promotions has a few benefits:

  1. Create urgency
  2. When a promotion is limited, you can advertise the promotion as 'only applicable to the first X purchase'. This creates an urgency to place the order immediately.

  3. Optimise reach
  4. A promotion with a limit per customer ensures the promotion is only usable for a limited time for each customer. That means you can maximise the reach per promotion for the same budget.

  5. Optimise cost
  6. Setting a limit for promotions also helps the merchant control their cost for a promotion campaign. A promotion without a limit may end up spending more than what was allocated.

Step 6 :

Activate Dates - The validity date of this voucher usage.


Let’s set the Free Shipping Voucher is only valid from 1st March 2021 to 30th April 2021

Step 7 : Others

Insert voucher Background Image and Terms & Conditions for your voucher.


The background image size is advised to fix on 1250 px * 350 px, followed by the Terms & Conditions.

Step 8 :

To finish creating voucher, follow the number step

  1. Create Voucher
  2. Publish to launch the voucher
  3. Update Promotion when you make changes to above step 1 to step 6 information

Once you have click “Create Voucher” the status will turned to Saved, in this stage you will still able to modify your voucher condition, see example 2 for better understanding

If you did any update or changes to your voucher details, follow the step Update Voucher > Publish


Example 2 The status of your voucher will changed to publish, in this stage you will not able to change any information or condition of your voucher


Last, you have done creating your voucher!

Void Voucher


Note: Void voucher are not editable and void to use

Preview Voucher


Click ‘Preview’ to see the voucher view on the customer side.


Figure 2 Preview of voucher


Figure 3 Preview of Vouchers Terms & Conditions

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