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How to create Staff Accounts

Expand your store management team

Have more than one staff member accessing your online store? Create secure login credentials for each employee and invite your staff members to manage your store, so you can delegate tasks without giving up your personal information.

In this article, you will learn:

What is a Staff Role?

If you hire an agent / staff / member to manage your store, this feature allows you to "create roles" to manage what they can access in your store.

How to Create a Staff Role?

Step 1 :

Shopzpin Merchant > Settings > Staff > Role > Create Role

Step 2 :

Fill in Name and Description of the Staff Role.


Pick Permissions you want to allow for this specific Staff Role.

If you tick faq-staff-img3 , the staff holding this role has full permission to access your Shopzpin Merchant account.

Step 4 :

Once done picking the permissions, click Create Role.

Congratulations! A Staff Role has been successfully created.

What are Staff Accounts?

You can add staff or admin to manage your store, you are able to set limited access for the user as well.

How to create a Staff Account and assign the role?

Step 1 :

Shopzpin Merchant > Settings > Staff > Staff Accounts > Create Staff

Step 2 :

Fill in Staff information, select Role for the staff and click Create Staff.