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How to create promotion?

Before you start to configure a conditional Sales Promotion, you need to think of what kind of conditions you want to set for this particular promotion.

To start go to:

Step 1 :

Shopzpin Merchant > CRM/Marketing > Promotion > Create Promotion

Step 2 :

Configure your promotion name and details


Note: The promotion name and description will be visible to your customers.

  1. Name
    • Enter the name of this Sales Promotion. This name will appear in the store.
  2. Description
    • Enter a brief description of this promotion. The description will show in the store
  3. Summary
    • A short summary of the promotion activates overview
Step 3 :

Setting Template and adding Condition

After completing the setup of Basic Promotion Info, the next step you will need to set conditions for your promotion. Classify your customer group with the condition setting to give them the ability to enjoy discounts, and restrict access to the promotion.

  1. What is the type of template?
  2. The template refers to the entire set of activities, which communicate the product, brand or service to the user. The idea is to make people aware, attract and induce to buy the product, in preference over others.

    Shopzpin has a pre-set of 11 types of promotion template to choose. Let’s see the example of the template.

    • Buy one Free one
    • Purchases with purchases
    • 10% Discount for specific item
    • 10% Off total Bill (No minimum purchase)
    • Free Shipping
    • Get 10% off total bill, with minimum purchase of RM100
    • Free one item, with minimum purchase of RM30
    • Get 40% off for specific product category
    • Min Spend RM 100, free delivery
    • Min Spend RM59, RM6 off
    • Accumulated 3 Products (within date range), Free 1 specific product

  3. What is adding new condition?
  4. The condition is determined in which situation one Is eligible for the promotion. Before you start to configure a conditional Sales Promotion, you need to think of what kind of conditions you want to set for this particular promotion.
    (Read: Promotion types and conditions considerations)

Step 4 :

Setup Promotion Action


Applies To :

  • SubTotal - This is the total price for each product in your order or the total price found for a selected delivery window in your order. If you also have a discount applied to a product, then you will find the updated discount price total for that particular item or delivery window in your order.
  • Delivery Fee - the cost of transporting or delivering goods
  • Specific Products - A specific dosage strength of a Product.

Discount Type :

  • Fixed Amount – A fixed number of discount value
  • Percentage – Percentage off from total amount.

Discount Amount (%) :

  • Percentage of discount

Max Discount Amount :

  • The discount amount capping off the percentage.
Step 5 :

Set up promotion running length


Active Dates

  • Set activates to choose the time frame of how long would you like your promotion run
Step 6 :

Insert Terms and Conditions

How do you write terms and conditions?

Writing Your Terms and Conditions. Start with a statement regarding the acceptance of your terms and conditions. Your very first paragraph should always be an acceptance of terms clause. This clause ensures that your users understand that by using your service they are accepting the terms and conditions.

Step 7 :

Create and Publish Promotion


To finish creating promotion ,follow the number step

  1. Create Promotion
  2. Publish to launch the promotion
  3. Update Promotion when you make changes to above step 1 to step 6 information

Previewing your promotion on Summary


Click ‘Preview’ to see how your promotion is viewed on the customer side.


Figure 1 Preview of Promotion


Figure 2 Preview of T&C | Modify your T&C in ‘’Others’’ section

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