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Connecting with Money Order

What is Money Order?

A money order is a certificate, usually issued by a government or banking institution, that allows the stated payee to receive cash on demand. A money order functions much like a check, in that the person who purchased the money order may stop payment. It is a safer alternative to cash or cheques.

Enable Money Order in Shopzpin Store

Step 1 :

Go to Shopzpin Merchant > Settings > Payment Solutions > Money Order, click Connect with Money Order.

Step 2 :

Fill in the Money Order Display Name and Set Payment Instruction.

Step 3 :

Finally, click Update / Submit.


Now your customers can choose Money Order to make payment in your store.

Important Notice :
  1. After the payment is made, your customer needs to upload the payment proof for verification.
  2. You need to verify that the payment is received accurately in accordance with the order placed.
  3. You will need to mark the order as ‘Paid’ when managing your Orders once verified.

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