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Connecting with Maybank QRPay

Maybank QRPay is a payment facility designed for small or home businesses conducting online transactions. This allows blog owners the opportunity to manage sales transactions systematically and professionally.

Register Maybank QRPay

Step 1 :

Download the Maybank QRPayBiz mobile app.

  • For Android users, click here to download.
  • For IOS users, click here to download.

Step 2 :

Open the app, select Register.

Step 3 :

Select ID Type and key in your ID number

Step 4 :

Request & enter One Time Password(OTP).

Step 5 :

Enter business and login details to create an account.

Step 6 :

Create your 6 digit pin for QR pay.

Step 7 :

Select your preferred accounts to receive payments.

After completing all these steps, you can get your Maybank QR code in the app.

Enable Maybank QRPay in Your Shopzpin Store

Step 1 :

After you have activated GrabPay Merchant account, go to Shopzpin Merchant > Settings > Payment Solutions > Maybank QRPay, click Connect with Maybank2u.

Step 2 :

Upload your Maybank QR Code here.

Step 3 :

Fill in the Maybank QRPay Display Name and Set Payment Instruction.

Step 4 :

Finally, click Update / Submit.


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