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How to verify customer’s manual payment ?

How to verify customer’s manual payment ?

If your customers paid the order with manual payment options, you will need to verify that the payment is received accurately according to the order placed. Below are the manual payments:

Please follow the steps below to verify your customer's payment.

Step 1 :

Go to Shopzpin Merchant > Orders, click All Orders button.

Step 2 :

Choose Customer Marked Paid to view all orders that customers have marked paid.

Step 3 :

Choose View Detail button.

Step 4 :

At Payment Details, we can see the customer who paid with Grab Pay. Click Click to download Proof of Payment.

Step 5 :

Open the downloaded proof of payment and verify the payment made details with the order amount. Next, verify receipt of payment from your Grab transaction record.

Step 6 :

When all payment details are accurately verified, confirm the payment by clicking Status.

Step 7 :

Change Customer Mark Paid to Paid status.

Step 8 :

Leave a remark for the customer and click Update.

Step 9 :

Now, you can arrange order delivery to your customer.

Important Notice:

  1. You will need to update the manual payment order status one by one.
  2. If the customer paid amount is inaccurate with the order amount, you can contact the customer to pay the balance amount. If the customer is not willing to pay the balance amount, you can change the Status to ‘Cancelled’, and refund the money back to the customer.

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