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How to manage the domain settings of your store ?

Manage the domain settings of your store

A domain, or website URL, is your store address which people type in their browser search bar to reach your store. It is how your customers find your store online.

A custom domain name is important to your store, it builds your brand and adds credibility to your business. An easy-to-remember domain also increases your website traffic.

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  1. How do multiple domains benefit your store ?
  2. How to add custom domains for my store?

How domains benefit your business ?

A strong online presence is essential in order to attract more customers and improve conversions. Specific domain names closely associated with your products or services can have a massive impact on your users, thereby giving a boost to the success of your business.

Using multiple domain names can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) results as well. In case you aren’t familiar, SEO is a set of strategies designed to help you rank higher and get more visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Your domain plays a significant role in your keyword relevance and rankings, so taking advantage of multiple domains can help you rank for a broader selection of keywords and phrases. You can also use a secondary domain to flesh out an entirely different selection of content topics.

Lots of businesses use multiple domains to protect their brand. You probably wouldn't be thrilled if another business has a domain name which is very similar to yours. One easy way to help protect it online is by registering multiple domains. The idea is simple : If you own a domain, and your competitors don't, you would stand out being more professionally established.

How to add custom domains for my store ?

Besides the complimentary storename.shopzpin.com subdomain, you also can add custom domains like .com or .my domain to your store (recommended).


If you already have your own existing domain (purchased from another third-party domain provider), you can point your existing domain to your store. Otherwise, you can purchase one from a domain service provider.

Step 1 :

Purchase your domain from a domain service provider

Step 2 :

Create a CNAME record in your domain DNS to point to . Refer to your domain provider on the instructions to do so

Step 3 :

Go to Shopzpin Merchant > Online Store > Domains Settings > Set Up Domain > Add

Step 4 :

Add the provided TXT record to your domain DNS. Refer to your domain provider on the instructions to do so. Finally, click Validate.


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