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Set Up Pages

Edit your legal agreement and store information

In this article:

  1. About us information
  2. Contact us information
  3. Terms of service
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Refund Policy
  6. Shipping Policy


About Us Information

Go to online store > Pages > About us information

  • Fill in the about us page which tells people your story.
  • About us page identifies the people behind your business.
  • About us pages can be in text, image, or video.

Contact Us Information

Go to online store > Pages > Contact us information

  • Set up contact information.
  • Contact us page includes all the standard information — email, contact number, operation hour, office image, and address.
  • Contact us pages allow your customers to easily contact your company.

Terms of Service

Go to online store > Pages > Terms of service

  • Set up Terms and conditions.
  • Terms and conditions agreements act as a legal contract between you (the company) who has the website and the user who accesses your website.
  • It's up to you to set the rules and guidelines that the user must agree to. You can think of your Terms and Conditions agreement as the legal agreement where you maintain your rights to exclude users from your website in the event that they abuse your website, where you maintain your legal rights against potential website abusers, and so on.

Privacy Policy

Go to online store > Pages > Privacy policy

  • Set up a privacy policy.
  • Having a Privacy Policy on your website is an excellent way to be transparent, protect yourself and your company, increase positive customer relationships and keep your website fun and welcoming for everyone. We really hope that you consider these two contracts for your website.
  • Use this privacy policy to inform users about your privacy practices and what kind of personal data you collect from users.

Refund Policy

Go to online store > Pages > Refund policy

  • Set up a refund policy.
  • A refund policy is the agreement where you inform customers about your policies regarding returns and refunds.
  • Example: We offer refund and/or exchange within the first 7 days of your purchase, if 7 days have passed since your purchase, you will not be offered a refund and/or exchange of any kind.

Shipping Policy

Go to online store > Pages > Shipping policy

  • Set up your shipping policy.
  • Inform your customer shipping methods, shipping costs, delivery times, and shipping restrictions.

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