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How to Create and Design Marketing Template

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy of connecting with prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into repeat customers. In this article, we will show you how to create a marketing email in Shopzpin.

Go to Shopzpin Merchant > CRM/Marketing > Email Marketing > Marketing Template >Create Marketing Template


In the Marketing Template, a pre-built template is ready by default for your convenience. Each content or image is separated in blocks.


There are 3 different sections on the right side :

  • Content
  • Blocks
  • Body

1) Content

Content section is where you can add various contents into the template.


If you wish to add different contents into the template, you can drag one of the contents on the right side into the template.

For example, here’s how you drag a Button content into the template.


Button content has been added to the template.

2) Blocks

If you wish to add multiple blocks in the same row, click the Blocks section.


For example, here’s how you drag a 4-column block into the template.


4-column block have been added to the template.


Now you can drag your desired content(s) into the 4-column block.

3) Body

In the Body section, you can edit general settings such as Background Color, Content Width, Alignment, Font Type, Preheader Text, and Link Color. This can help you standardize all the contents with just a single click.

Edit Your Contents

In the Marketing Template, each content, for example text, image and button is separated in blocks. You will be able to make amendments to the content separately.

For example, here’s how you drag a Button content into the template.


For example, if you want to change the company logo, click the Company Name block. The Content tab will appear on the right side.


The Content tab is where you can edit the content of the related block. It is separated into Desktop View and Mobile View.

What are the differences between Desktop view and Mobile view?

Desktop devices have a landscape orientation, the contents can stretch across a screen, and often multiple messages or images can be viewed comfortably in such a widescreen. Mobile devices are usually used in portrait orientation, meaning that horizontal space is limited.

You will need to use images and fonts of different sizes for both Desktop View and Mobile View for best effect.


You can customize your content by editing the settings below :

    1. Image : Upload or change your image
    2. Image URL : Webpage address of the image
    3. Auto Width : Enable to auto-fit width
    4. Align : Choose content’s alignment
    5. Alternate Text : Name of the content
  • Action
  • Image Link : Image can be linked to “Open Website”, “Send Email”, “Call Phone Number”, or “Send SMS”

    Open Website
    1. URL : Webpage address of the image
    2. Target : Choose whether the URL will be opened in the Same Tab or New Tab
    Send Email
    1. Email : Email address of email receiver when the content is clicked
    2. Subject : Subject of the email
    3. Body : Body of the email
    Open Website
    1. Phone : Phone number which you want customer to connect to when the content is clicked
    Send SMS
    1. Phone : Phone number which you want customer to connect to when the content is clicked
  • To adjust positioning of the content block.


    After you have completed the Marketing Template, click the Save Design button, enter the Template Name.


Congratulations! Your Marketing Template has been successfully created. You can view the designed template by clicking the eye icon (Preview).


You will be able to view Preview of your designed template in both Desktop view and Mobile view.


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