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How to create Email Campaign

In this article you will learn

Step 1 :

Shopzpin Merchant > CRM/Marketing > Email Campaign > Create Email Campaign


Note : Before creating an email campaign, you must first create your marketing template and Customer Group. (Read: How to create Marketing Template & How to Create Customer Group)

Step 2 :

Set up Email Campaign Details

  1. To start creating your email campaign you will need to name it. The Email Campaign Name is for your purposes only and it will not be visible to your customers.
  2. Email Subject : The subject of your email
  3. faq-marketing-create-email-campaign-img3.png
  4. Template : Select marketing template for Email Campaign.
    • Want to choose a new template? Click Create Marketing Template to create a new one.
  5. Customer Group : Select which customer group you are likely to target. You can check the eligible customer list by clicking on View Eligible Customer. Want to choose a new customer group? Click on Create Customer Group to create a new one.
Step 3 :

Complete Email Campaign Setup and Proceed with Publishing Date & Time


Click Create : Email Campaign is successfully created.

Your Email Campaign Details status will be in Draft status after successfully created until you click Publish. So, you don’t have to worry it will be visible to customers before your final review.

Following options will appear after that Email Campaign is created :

  • Save as Draft
  • Publish
  • Delete
  • Cancel

Switch on Is Publish Now button, pick a date and time you want to publish your Email Campaign. Finally, click Publish and your Email Campaign will be published accordingly.


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