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How to Create Abandoned Cart

This function is also known as Drip Campaign. For an abandoned cart workflow, the emails could be structured like this: (Read: What is drip campaign). Many might use it as just a reminder to customers regarding their Abandoned Cart, there are also many who use it creatively by including promotions or vouchers to further encourage payment from customers. Shopzpin have made this feature easy to use for you to boost your sales.

In this article you will learn

The messaging in abandoned cart emails is fairly simple. Below is an outline of the basic structure:

Step 1 :

Shopzpin Merchant > CRM/Marketing > Email Marketing > Abandoned Cart.

Step 2 :

Design your Abandoned Cart Email


Enter your Abandoned Cart Email Subject

  • Your email subject should be interesting enough to get people to open the email. For example, using something like discounts, humor, or questions could intrigue the customer enough to click. If you wanted to include a promotional offer, your email subject could be something like "20% off all purchases."
  • faq-marketing-create-abandon-cart-img2.png
  • Design your Abandoned Cart Email Content with the tools provided
    • Personalization :
    • Abandoned cart emails should be personalized to the customer you're sending them to by including the items that were left in their cart and addressing them by name.

    • Call to Action (CTA) :
    • Your abandoned cart email should encourage customers to complete their purchase. For example, the CTA might be something like "Buy Now" or "Resume Your Order."

    • Copywriting :
    • The copy should be snappy, concise, and compelling. Great copywriting is interesting enough to entice someone to complete their purchase.

    • Social proof :
    • You can use reviews and testimonials to strengthen your branding and create FOMO (fear of missing out) among customers who abandoned their cart. For example, including reviews in your abandoned cart emails for specific products can tempt someone to purchase.

  • Clicking Add Recipient Name will have “ ###RECEPIENTNAME### ” appear in your Abandoned Cart Email Content. Name of your customer (who have registered an account in your store) will appear here automatically. This feature is a time saver for you, especially when your customer based is too huge for you to manage one by one.
  • Clicking Add Cart Content will have “ ###CARTCONTENTS### ” appear in your Abandoned Cart Email Content. Products that are left in your customers’ (who have registered an account in your store) will appear here automatically. Similarly, this is a time saver for you to reach your all customers and remind them of products they have yet to make payment.
  • Clicking Add Checkout Link will have “ ###CHECKOUTNOW### ” appear in your Abandoned Cart Email Content. Individual checkout links of each potential order that are still in your customers’ e-cart will appear automatically. This is the Call to Action (CTA) mention above to increase conversion rate in your online store.

See example below :


Once you have finished designing your Abandoned Cart Email, you can preview the design outcome by clicking the Preview button at the bottom right corner.

Preview Abandoned Cart


Below is a Preview sample of Abandoned Cart Email.


Reminder Email

Here allows you to set number of day(s) after customers’ cart is abandoned before sending Abandoned Cart Emails to them.


Enabling and Disabling Abandoned Cart Notification

Toggle this button to Enable or Disable Abandoned Cart Notification. Your customers will start receiving Abandoned Cart Email(s) once this is Enabled according to the Reminder Email and Maximum Reminder Sent settings that you have set.


Lastly, Click ‘’Submit’’ and you have finished creating your Abandoned Cart Email Reminder.

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