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Introduction & Summary

Shopzpin is an e-commerce solution (Software-as-a-Service) for Micro and SMEs merchants to build their own online store. We equip brick & mortar retailers with e-commerce capabilities, which enable them to start selling online through their own online stores. Shopzpin comes with integrated features to conduct online business seamlessly and enhance consumer experience.


Inventory, Order & Customer Management

Just as every brick and mortar business needs to have proper inventory, order and customer management, Shopzpin is inbuilt with features and functionalities for businesses to do these smoothly.

Staff Management

Want to keep full access only to yourself while giving different access permissions within Shopzpin to different staffs? Shopzpin has simplified this setting to as simple as a few clicks. It’s your choice as a business owner to assign which and how many access permissions to each individual staff.


Are you worried design may not be your forte? Worry no more. Shopzpin have designed some themes for you to choose from, each with its unique style and you can be sure to find one that suits your store. With this, you can start an e-commerce website in a shorter period of time.



Sending enquiries to businesses via email or making a call to a company phone number used to be the only ways for anyone to contact businesses from their websites. In Shopzpin, we have integrated with WhatsApp at the homepage of your online store for your customers to contact you in a quick, easy and convenient manner. To all businesses, it’s an efficient way to have customers or potential customers’ contact information too.


Retargeting Tools ( Remarketing )

With an increasing number of businesses owning a website, competing for internet traffic to their websites is essential. Shopzpin have prepared retargeting tools to assist business owners in reconnecting with customers and increase conversion.

  1. Voucher
  2. It’s a common practice in businesses where customers are given attractive vouchers to encourage more purchases from customers. In many cases, customer loyalty is built in the process of giving out attractive vouchers. These loyal customers even started marketing the brand to their family and friends from “word of mouth”. We, Shopzpin understand the importance of vouchers and have built a customizable voucher system for business owners to generate vouchers of their creativity and strategy. Want to know more about our voucher system? Contact us and sign up to understand more.

  3. Customer Grouping
  4. Have you ever encountered going to a shop and the shop owner gives you a special price because he remembers you for being his/her loyal customer? Do you remember seasonal promotions (Eg. Hari Raya promo) that happens every year to target a specific group of customers? Customer grouping is an efficient business tactic that is being used by businesses of all sizes.

    This business tactic is also feasible through Shopzpin. In every Merchant’s Shopzpin account, there is a record of customers with member accounts in the Merchant’s Shopzpin online store. [click here for Member Registration] Merchants can then create Customer Groups from that list according to their needs, wants, gender, culture, habits, relationship with Merchants, repeating order frequency and more. Merchants can freely group their customers as they wish.

    What happens after Customer Grouping? Merchants will be able to send customizable Email Marketing or Vouchers to each individual group at any time. Many of our merchants have already seen business growth from the combination of Customer Grouping features with other features.

  5. Email marketing
  6. Email marketing is a retargeting tool which sends email to customer groups of your choice on prefixed day at prefixed time. These emails could be a reminder to your customers who added products into e-cart but have yet to make payment. These emails could also be newsletters or promotion updates to keep customers up-to-date of a Merchant’s business. Alternatively, these emails could also be greetings and congratulations messages such as “Happy Birthday!”.

    Ultimately, email marketing is an effective way to keep in touch with customers on a consistent basis and many businesses have shown repeat sales through this retargeting tool. A successful email marketing could even become a very low cost method to boost sales. Customers love it the most when they feel your warm care and appreciation even from emails.

    Therefore, rather than sending email one at a time to all your customers, Shopzpin Email Marketing feature will help you send all the emails at the click of a button.

Multiple Payment Solution

Receiving payment seamlessly is one of the most crucial parts of every business. This is why Shopzpin has integrated with reputable payment gateways (Stripe, iPay88 and RazerPay) to provide multiple payment solutions to smoothen the payment process. Your customers will have flexibility in paying you by Visa / MasterCard, fund transfer or even e-Wallet.

  1. Manual Payment :
    • Bank Transfer
    • Cheque Payment
    • Money Order
    • Maybank QRPay
    • FavePay
    • GrabPay
    • WeChat Pay
    • Touch’n Go e-Wallet
  2. Online Payment
    • Stripe
    • iPay88
    • RazerPay

Our Subscription Plans

Shopzpin comes in 2 different plans for you to choose from: BUSINESS and SMART ORDER.

Looking forward to seeing you onboard soon!