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Dashboard Overview


What is a Dashboard?

The function of a dashboard is to provide real-time results by aggregating and extracting value from all the data you collect, otherwise known as your key performance indicators (KPIs). It simplifies your data into more manageable chunks of visual information that allows you to see what you are doing right and where you need to improve. When utilized properly, dashboards can be used to help you make informed decisions that dramatically impact business performance – which in turn affects your bottom line.

When logged in to the merchant, the Dashboard gives you an instant overview of your store. Let’s dive into the features in Shopzpin Dashboard.

Set up guides


The top of Shopzpin dashboard is basic guides to get your shop up and running when you first starting up, also letting you easy to customise your store with these four main components.

Report Summary

How's the sales performance recently? Is there a peak hour in my store? Are the new promotions driving traffic to my site?

The Dashboard shows data and the line charts of Paid Order of the week, Daily Orders, Monthly Orders, Total Income and New Customer of online stores with numeric and increments of percentage allowing you to find out the current performance of your store.

Items Introduction
Daily Orders The value of orders a seller receive in a day
Monthly Orders The value of orders a seller receive in a month
Total Income Total revenue of the store
Total Countries Delivering Total number of country your orders delivered to
Total Completed Orders Total orders has been mark as completed
Paid Order of the week The total value of sales has successfully completed over the week
Monthly Orders The value of orders a seller receive in a month
Pending Payment Orders The number of orders left in cart and pending for payment

Recent Orders


The Recent Orders section shows up to the 5 of the most recent orders in your store. View Order will bring you to view order details, you can proceed with the order from here.